Friday, October 2, 2009

I presented a set of slides that describes the Hadoop development at Facebook at the HadoopWorld conference in New York today. It was well received by more than 100 people. I have presented at many-a-conferences in the west coast but this is the first time I have presented at a conference in New York... there are more hadoop users here versus mostly hadoop developers in the west coast. There were plenty of questions, especially about Hadoop-Archive and Realtime-Hadoop. There were people asking me questions about HDFS Symbolic links and HDFS-scribe copier.

Earlier, I visited the university of Notre Dame to conduct a department seminar and present a guest lecture for the graduate students at the Department of Computer Science. There is plenty of interesting research being led by Prof Douglas Thain. One interesting research idea that came up was to place HDFS block replicas by analyzing HDFS access patterns. It is possible that we can provide HDFS datanode/namenode logs to researchers who can analyze these logs to come up with better algorithms for HDFS block replica placement.


  1. Hi Dhruba, the link to the NYC slides keeps timing out. Do you think you can post it somewhere on Slideshare perhaps?


  2. Hi ashwin, I fixed the link. Please let me know if you still face problems in accessing those slides. Thanks for pointing it out.

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